Tools Training - Use &
Hazards Workbook
Tools Training is necessary for industrial workers.  In the
past, we would hire students who had taken shop class in
school and industry benefited greatly.  But in the coming
economic boom, many will enter the workforce without those

This workbook is basic tool types, tool uses and hazard
recognition.  Learning the basics and doing them well is the
path to success in workplace achievement and in hazard

This workbook can be taught in the classroom or in the field.
The Answer Sheet has test & workbook answers.

"What if employees, who were not brought up working with
tools, do not respect the hazards and that dis-respect
translates into accidents" -
quote by a manager.
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Tools Training Use & Hazards Workbook + Answer Sheet
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The Tools Training Use & Hazards Workbook has 61
pages, 300 illustrations and the quality is excellent!

Instructor copy has red binding.
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The Visual Learning
Series provides a huge
advantage in educating
employees about jobs
and hazards.
Certify employees and
attendants in Tools
Training Use & Hazards
Skills + Safety Training