Book of Safety Meetings / Alerts
The Visual Learning Series
provides a huge advantage
in educating employees
about jobs and hazards.
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GS_Safety Training
These Safety Alerts are stories taken from real live events/accidents that
have occurred in a broad range of industry and life.  They are laid out
simply, illustrated and mistakes analyzed-listed on the pages so
employees will have the opportunity to review.

We all know that story-telling is the best way to promote memory retention
in a busy workforce training effort.  Safety Alerts are often shared and then
forgotten or lost in a pile of paperwork.  Now these stories are organized
into a single book that can be shared by your workforce.  A sign-off sheet
after every page can account for the reviews.   
Safety Meetings become

48 pages of safety alerts paired with 48 sign-off sheets, 52 illustrations.  
The quality is excellent.
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Contents for this book.
Book of Safety Alerts