Oilfield Safety Training
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The OST Workbook has been rebuilt into an extremely valuable visual learning tool. We added many new
illustrations for this project.  We created hazard recognition exercises within the pages.  Students will be tasked
with answering questions which improves knowledge retention.  Just think about how taking notes in school and
re-writing your notes helped you prepare for tests.  
knowledge filled.  Student/employees keeping a copy of the training material is crucial for reference and
deeper consideration of the issues  This portable training solution is a win-win for the company, the
student/employee and comprehensive training.
Price equals = $35.00 per copy
We have now made the OST Workbook Safeland Compliant 5/25/19 - fully illustrated. Some pages will
have areas for notes, to fill in specific policy issues. Workbook will come with our standard 25 question
test, but we will also have available three 100 question test packets.
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GS_Safety Training
Workbook Catalog.pdf
The Oilfield Safety Training Workbook has 102
pages, >860 illustrations and the quality is
Instructor copy has red binding.
Click the Safety Training Workbook Catalog to review the
specifications and Table of Contents for this workbook.
New Employee Orientation
and training that will hold the
readers attention!
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