Metal Fabrication Shop
Safety Workbook
GS_Safety Training
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Tools, Use & Hazards Workbook

  • Hazard Assessment Guide and Form / PPE
  • Lifting & Hoisting Materials
  • Welding and hazards
  • Oxy-acetylene cutting rig and use + hazards.
  • Cylinders & Hazards
  • Grinder Hazards (+cutting)
  • Dropped objects
  • Working at heights & fall protection
  • Ladders & Basic Scaffolds
  • Emergency & Fire Response
  • much, much more
  • Practice test questions throughout
  • Two tear out tests for filing
  • Worker keeps the workbook

    This no-nonsense workbook was developed from decades of experience and years of illustrating.  The well-
    crafted illustrations create a learning-rich environment that is engineered for student/employees.
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Heavy Equipment Operator Certification Training Workbook
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The Metal Fabrication Shop Safety Training Workbook
has 111 pages, >800 illustrations and the quality is
Instructor copy has red binding.
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