MEWP Operator (Aeriel Lift)
Certification Training Workbook

Mobile Elevating Work Platform
Set of 10 Manlift Operator Certification Workbooks + Instructor Copy
OSHA's CFR 1910.178 allows for supervisors to perform MEWP  
training provided that they are familiar with the equipment.  No need
to gather every student driver into the classroom.  Instead, the
worksite can be the classroom.  The student driver can fill out the
workbook but the supervisor must go over test answers with him,
coach and evaluate his driving skills and then issue a certification
card if he passes.  This type of field/hands-on training is most
effective because it instills in the driver what his supervisor expects
of him.
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Skills + Safety Training
The MEWP Training & Operator Certification Workbook
has 39 pages, 300 illustrations and the quality is
Instructor copy has red binding.
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Certify employees in
Manlift Operating.