Forklift Operator (c) Certification
Training Workbook
Save time and money by using self-motivated training workbooks. Minimal loss
productivity, full compliance with OSHA law!
Set of 10 Forklift Operator Certification Workbooks + Instructor Copy
This is a graphically illustrated workbook for operating a forklift while handling
conventional and odd type loads, including pipe.   As a graphical training tool, it is
possible to qualify forklift operators in the field.

This workbook mainly covers larger, rough service & shop-type forklifts, used indoors +
OSHA's CFR 1910.178 allows for supervisors to perform forklift training provided that
they are familiar with the equipment.  This workbook makes it possible to train every
employee in the field or the classroom - users choice.  Just give the student the
workbook and have him fill it out, bring it back and the supervisor can grade it with the
employee to ensure understanding.  Then the supervisor uses one of the 10 'Driver
Evaluation forms' to coach and certify the employees driving skills.  The Supervisor then
issues one of the 10 certification cards in his "kit" to the employee.
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Skills + Safety Training
The Forklift Training & Operator Certification
Workbook has 45 pages, 300 illustrations and
the quality is excellent!
Instructor copy has
red binding.
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Spanish version now available!
The Visual Learning
Series provides a huge
advantage in educating
employees about jobs
and hazards.
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