Corporate Sales Policy

Graphic Safety LLC has designed extensively illustrated training programs that greatly benefit workers. Graphic Safety
LLC is in the market place to sell training materials to businesses for the purpose of training their employees.  We are
a Business- to-Business (BtoB) type business.  In regard to that setup, Graphic Safety LLC reserves the right to
refuse sales of any or all of our products to individuals or entities outside the scope of our target audience, for any
reason.  This includes law firms, training institutions, colleges, universities and safety training companies, etc.  We
recognize that many groups would like to purchase our unique products to work from in order to develop their own
similar training programs.  We may deny this sale or require a legal agreement before the sale. Additionally we may
deny sales to entities outside of the USs. and/or apply additional sales fees due to the difficulty we might have
enforcing our copyrights in a foreign land.

Graphic Safety typically sells in sets in order to minimize production costs and to make sure a complete set of the
information is obtained by the purchaser.  We are not inclined to break up those sets and we do not offer discounts to
individuals.  If you preview sets of our workbooks in our webstore and then ask to only purchase individual items, your
request may be refused.  Training/safety managers are an exception to this rule.

First Purchases from new customers are required to be in sets except in the case of large bulk purchases.  
Additionally, since we hand make the items upon request.

All sales are final.  We custom build to order and would shut down production at the earliest cancellation.  But the
customer is responsible for payment of the materials produced to that point. If these policies are not agreeable to you,
please do not purchase our materials.

Copying/dissemination/distribution and license
The materials and illustrations that Graphic Safety, LLC sells are the exclusive property of Graphic Safety, LLC and as
such may not be copied, scanned, reproduced or distributed without license.  License for use by your company is
granted by purchase but that is limited to one user per copy.  DO NOT COPY.  Graphic Safety, LLC retains all rights
to the materials.  Materials may not be duplicated or copied in any way, without the express written permission of
Graphic Safety, LLC.

Graphic Safety, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the absolute correctness of the application of our training
materials.  While we strive to illustrate best practices and hazards to avoid, it is impossible for us to guarantee the way
(s) in which your company or employees may interpret and/or utilize these materials.  Still, there is great value in
utilizing our training materials.  However, you must use them at your own risk.

Defective Items
Although we constantly strive to provide products defect free, defects sometimes happen.  Published Items found to
be defective must be returned to Graphic Safety, LLC in order to receive a prompt store credit or replacement.  Cash
refunds are not allowed.

Terms / Purchase Policy
Payment for purchase of all of our products is, at minimum, due upon receipt.  We accept credit card payments via
Mastercard or Visa. Large scale purchases for approved credit based accounts may require a 25% deposit.   If credit
is extended to the purchaser, no more than $10,000 credit is allowable for any purchaser.  The balance must be paid
before additional product is shipped.  Credit accounts past 30 days are subject to a freeze in additional material
shipment until paid below the $10,000 level.  Exceptions to this policy are only made by agreement.  You can email
requests to;  

Purchase Orders
If you utilize a purchase order system then a purchase order number is required before product will be shipped.  
Exceptions to this rule will have to be approved by Graphic Safety LLC management.

Art Charge – Please Read
Companies who desire their Logo’s to be on their purchased versions of our products will be charge a one-time art
charge of $500 in order to set up/edit our products.  Also, please be advised that this could potentially delay the
production of products desired, going forward.  This is because we generally only stock products marked with our
logo.  Please consider carefully whether this is acceptable to you.  Calculating/projecting how many workbooks you will
need in a cyclical market can be challenging and may ultimately prove impossible to predict.  Graphic Safety LLC
urges you to consider using our products that are only marked with our logo in order to expedite receipt of them when
ordering.  This greatly simplifies things for us and we are more willing to take the risk of stocking products for quicker
shipment, only for those products marked with our logo, given that we service well over 300 customers.

Thank you for purchasing through Graphic safety LLC.
Sales Policy
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