This is Roughnecking 101 - Illustrated
The Roughnecking 101 Workbook has come a long way since it's introduction in 2007.  But it's content
was never settled....... until now.

We first had to build the ultimate Roughneck School, that is comprised of all of the jobs and hazards we have
compiled in over 20 years of drilling rig experience.  Having an encyclopedia of jobs and hazards to review made
it relatively simple to see where issues need be included into this Basic training tool, in order to mature the
employees into productive and safe workers. This new BOD workbook has extensive, high quality illustrations
and a maturity that will be of great benefit to your company.
$55.00 per copy.
Training for the
Drilling Industry
  • Promotes employees to become competent  through self-guided training.
  • Teaches hazard recognition visually, so higher knowledge retention is achieved.
  • Employees must fill out questions on many pages.  Working the workbook will
    provide knowledge retention.
The Master Copy has test keys + a log
for test scores and a red binding.
Workbook Training is
the most cost-effective
training method
The Visual Learning
Series provides a
huge advantage in
employees about
jobs and hazards.
  • Color balanced and well designed
  • Removable tests are Scantron or
    GradeCam compliant
  • Key points highlighted
  • Key points/hazards Illustrated
    (exceeds OSHA and operator
  • > 300 illustrations per workbook
  • BOD and OST each have 800
  • Inherently multilingual
  • Over 230 Safety Alerts embedded
    across the series
  • Field or classroom ready
  • Self-guided training
  • Employees keep their own copies
Workbook Series Specifications
Graphic Safety Workbooks
Basics of Drilling complete with additional 60 pages on pipe handling.  Essential Roughneck
1 Set of 10 Basics of Drilling (Roughnecking 101 Complete) Workbooks + Master Copy
This 2017 combined version of the BOD
and Pipe handling workbooks has
and 162 pages.
Confined Space  
Fall Prevention
Fire & Hotwork
OST Workbook
Lifting & Hoisting
Drilling Rig Hoist Operator Certification Workbook

This unique workbook groups "all things Lifting & Hoisting" together and 50 additional pages create a Hoist
Operator certification program for Drilling Rig employees.
The best part is that a relatively inexpensive
workbook can be utilized right on a working drilling rig to achieve this certification....with no
overtime required.  You don't need a training've already got one!
We have blended workplace illustrations with hazard recognition into a tried-and-true method of learning by
writing.  But most of learning these subjects within this material comes easier because of the extensive
illustrations.  Your employees will close knowledge gaps about hazards and come away far better educated, in a
shorter time frame.  The quality is excellent!
102 pages, >700 illustrations. $50 per copy
Teach and certify hoist
operators to
understand the
mechanics, operational
issues and hazards.
102 pages
20 question tear-out tests X2
>700 illustrations
The Master Copy has test keys + a log
for test scores and a red binding.
Roughneck School Workbook

The Roughneck School Workbook is comprised of critical core issues every
roughneck must learn.  Job function is combined with hazard recognition and safety
mitigation.  This affordably condensed workbook can be completed by students on
the rig (otherwise a 2-day classroom course).
 264 pages, $95.00 per copy
The Master Copy has test keys + a log
for test scores and a red binding.
Roughneck School Advanced Course-book

This complete Roughneck School covers the core issues and detailed related
issues such as chemical handling, Fire & Hotwork Safety, Gas detection &
Monitoring and Fire watch certifications, Confined Space certification, Fall
Prevention: Slips, Trips & Falls, Ladder hazards & Usage, Fall Protection systems &
Gear + certification. This is a 4-day classroom course.
494 pages, $175 per copy

This Course-book will only be sold to companies whose supervisors have
completed the supervisory course and signed a non-proliferation agreement.
Drilling Rig Hazard Recognition School for Supervisors

This course covers all of the materials listed in the Roughneck School plus
supervisor critical knowledge concerning hazard assessment, supervisor
certifications and Roughneck training management. 520 page Course-book
included in the
5-day class.  $580.00 per student

Contact us to schedule a class for your supervisors
Roughnecking is a
complicated and
sometimes difficult job
that requires extensive
training and certification
should be required.
Training for the Drilling Industry.pdf
After two + years of development we have decided the final
tier of Training for the drilling industry, as shown below.  We
did this to try and provide affordable solutions.  You can
download the .pdf for a short description of these.