• Accomplish all of your training needs at a
    fraction of the cost of classroom training - and
    no overtime.

  • The best part is that it will engage all of your
    employees in this activity for an extended period
    of time.  

  • This may be the best thing that has happened in
    safety to Oilfield employees and employers

  • Lastly, having Supervisors administer the
    programs will spur them to become experts on
    the subject.

  • These programs are a win-win situation.
Oilfield Safety Training
1 set of 10 Oilfield Safety Training Workbooks Version 2 + Master Copy
This workbook applies to

  • Pumpers
  • Roustabouts
  • Pipeliners
  • Most Service Contractors
  • Welders
      .... and many more
Previews available below
Use this Workbook for New Employee
Training.  That way the new
employee will be in 100% compliance his
first day on the job.
* New Employee Orientation
Master Copy (answers) have
red lettering for the answers
and a red binding coil.