Oilfield Safety Training
1 set of 10 Oilfield Safety Training Workbooks Version 2 + Master Copy
The OST Workbook has been rebuilt into an extremely valuable
training tool.  Hundreds of additional illustrations have been
created for this project.  We created hazard recognition exercises
within the pages.  Students will be tasked with answering
questions which improves knowledge retention.  Just think about
how taking notes in school and re-writing your notes helped you
prepare for tests.  
Thus we have blended workplace illustrations with hazard recognition into a tried-and-true
method of learning by writing.  But most of learning these subjects within this material
comes easier because of the extensive illustrations.  Your employees will close knowledge
gaps about hazards and come away far better educated, in a shorter time frame.   Plus
they get to keep their copy of the workbook.  This is a win-win.

Coming Soon!  The workbook is complete and being reviewed.
The OST Workbook more than
doubled in size from 43 pages to 94
pages. Hazard recognition issues are
added. The illustrations doubled and
the quality is excellent!

$35.00 per copy
Table of Contents