Lifting & Hoisting Workbook
The best way to describe this workbook is "all things load handling.  From working
safely around cranes to handling rigging, signaling, loading trucks & lashing loads.  
Even manual handling of awkward pieces, including hoses.  This student workbook
educates via extensive illustration.

This 4-hour course will train employees in all parts of the system.  This original
program trains through a mix of technical specifics and graphical illustrations
designed to enhance knowledge retention.
Learning these subjects within this material comes easier because of the extensive
illustrations.  Your employees will close knowledge gaps about hazards and come
away far better educated, in a shorter time frame.   Plus they get to keep their copy of
the workbook.  This is a win-win.
The Lifting & Hoisting, Equipment & related
Hazards Workbook
is 60 pages, >400 illustrations
and covers the issues shown in the Workbooks
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expanded) in this
Skills + Safety Training