Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Safety
Certification Training Workbook
Set of 10 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Training Workbook + Instructor Copy
Can I train my employees in H2S Safety Certification?

Yes you can (regardless of what you have you heard).  OSHA regulations
merely require you to have knowledge of the subject and the ability to teach for
most safety issues.  The one exception to that rule would be Hazardous Waste
Operations (HazWOpER) where you must be certified to teach it.

The ANSI standard can only
recommend that you  be certified to teach H2S
certification courses.  OSHA does not have an H
2S standard so what people
are referencing is the ANSI standard, and no,
you do not have to be certified to
perform H
2S safety certification training.  

However, some companies require the instructor to be certified, but that is not
an OSHA requirement.  Regardless, this workbook is an excellent tool for
visually teaching employees about the hazards of H
2S, detection, monitoring
and emergency response.

When you have a workbook that makes training as easy and effective as these
workbooks, what you don't have is an excuse to not get your safety training

Wade Rohloff
Safety Consultant / Author
*New - Gas Detection & Monitoring Section (11 pages added)
This section teaches employees about gas hazards, characteristics, compares
types of gases and will educate students in gas detection methodology and
35 pages, 228 illustrations and the
quality is excellent!

$25.00 per copy
The H2S Workbook is breakthrough training for training a
singular poisonous gas.  The visual illustrations in this
workbook will accelerate the comprehension of students for
this subject.  This is the best training program for
understanding the hazards of this poisonous gas, on the
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Set of 10 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Certification Workbooks + Instructor Copy - Spanish Version
The Instructor Copy has a red binding and
test answers in red lettering.
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