Confined Space Hazards, Entry &
Rescue Workbook
This workbooks is part of the Visual learning Series and
will teach students the hazards, mitigation of hazards
and safe work procedures in confined spaces.  Given
that humans process information visually much faster
than by reading text and then struggling to interpret
what the data means, your workers will enjoy insights
that past workers missed.  Some paid for that
misunderstanding of hazards with their lives.

Gas Detection & Monitoring Section
If you have employees or supervisors utilizing gas
detection monitors, what proof do you have that you
trained them in their use?  This workbook has eleven
pages that cover that issue, with over 160
illustrations.  With this workbook, not only will you
have that proof, but you will have provided "next
level training" for your employees.
Confined Space Hazard
Set of 10 Confined Space Hazards, Entry & Rescue Workbooks + Instructor Copy
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The Visual Learning Series
provides a huge advantage
in educating employees
about jobs and hazards.
The Confined Space Workbook has 41 pages,
300 illustrations and the quality is excellent!

Instructor copy has red binding.
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Certify employees and
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Entry training.