• Can be taught in the classroom
  • No trainer required if used in the field
  • Meets OSHA and Operator requirements   
  • No overtime required / less downtime for training
  • Takes training out of the theory zone and into the work zone
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Training Workbooks
Workbook Training is the most cost-effective training method
Oilfield Safety
Training (OST)
Oilfield H2S Safety
Training (OH2S)
Workbook Version 2
Forklift Operator
Roughneck Safety
Manlift Operator
Basics of Drilling Workbook
Version 4
(Roughnecking 101)
  • New Employee
  • Economically train
    all employees
    before they start
  • Achieve 100%
    OSHA compliance
Hazard Recognition Poster
Graphic Safety LLC offers the most robust collection of illustrated hazards on the planet!
Pipe Handling &
Hazards Workbook
Fall Prevention Illustrated

With OSHA's new proposed legislation on
'Slips, Trips & Falls' will likely come new
training requirements.  This 59 page
workbook covers those issues and many
more in three distinct sections, fully
illustrated.  Ladder Hazards and usage are
the second section, graduating to Fall
arrest, positioning systems, hazards,
rescue and much more.  This is a very
unique and vital workbook that will make
communicating these issues more
pragmatic than ever.
Drilling Rig Hazard Recognition
School for Supervisors
Fire & Hot Work Safety
Illustrated Workbook

You have never seen Fire Safety &
Hotwork taught like this.  Over 300
illustrations make this a visual learning
tool like no other.  Hazard Recognition
questions on almost every page make this
a "hands-on" learning experience.  

Click on the workbook cover to learn more.
How deep is your supervisory knowledge of
hazards on a drilling rig?  Are there gaps?  
How thoroughly are you able to communicate
hazards and solutions to employees?  If
there are any questions on these points
then you should attend this 4-day class.  This
class will walk you through a literal
encyclopedia of drilling rig hazards with over
5000 clear illustrations.  Don't miss this one!
  • New-on-the-job status to
    full-fledged roughnecks.
  • 60 hands-on certifications
  • Due-diligence liability
  • Roughneck school in a
Tools - Use & Hazards
60 pages, 352 illustrations

This is a primer for all employees who
use tools to be able to see and learn
the types of tools, visually understand
the illustrated hazards, and to certify
their knowledge via testing.

This training is the
basic foundation for
recognizing and mitigating hazards.
Don't miss this one if you are serious
about having a solid safety program
along with increasing on-the-job
Drug & Alcohol Hazard
Recognition Program
An employee
awareness training
program - Free!
Don't miss the new 'Fire Safety &
Hotwork Hazards' Workbook.  Visual
Learning is the path to better
Pumps & Pressurized Equipment
Would you like to see an excerpt from the JFT class?  
Click the file below and download the section for training
employees to deal with the hazards of pumps &

Email me and let me know if you agree that visual training
on this issue conveys the right message for employees
to recognize hazards.
Truncated version.
If you need safety
consulting, training or
management click the link
above for SHARP.  Dave is
an expert.
Click this link to check out
SkySaver™ innovative
personal self-rescue device,
an easy to use safe means
of escape from multi-story
buildings when traditional
exits are inaccessible.
These devices are life
savers and are there for
valuable to private people
and companies.