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Workbook Training is
the most cost-effective
training method
Hazard Recognition Poster Book
& individual posters
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Graphic Safety LLC offers the most robust collection of illustrated hazards on the planet!
Fall Prevention Illustrated Workbook

With OSHA's new proposed legislation on 'Slips, Trips
& Falls' will likely come new training requirements.  
This 59 page workbook covers those issues and many
more in three distinct sections, fully illustrated.  
Roughneck School  (click the link for more information)
Fire & Hot Work Safety
Illustrated Workbook
This program is a game-changer.  With this illustrated
"encyclopedia" of job function and rig hazards, your
supervisors can accelerate the training of roughnecks like
never before.  Finally there is a training program that is worthy
of the rapid pace of land based drilling.
Tools - Use & Hazards
Illustrated Workbook
60 pages, 352 illustrations

This is a primer for all employees who
use tools to be able to see and learn
the types of tools, visually understand
the illustrated hazards, and to certify
their knowledge via testing.

This training is the
basic foundation
for recognizing and mitigating
 Don't miss this one if you are
serious about having a solid safety
program along with increasing
on-the-job education.
Free* Drug & Alcohol
Hazard Recognition
Program Download
An employee
awareness training
Pumps & Pressurized Equipment Hazards.pdf
Email me and let me know if you agree that visual training on
this issue conveys the right message for employees to
recognize hazards.
If you need safety
consulting, training or
management click the link
above for SHARP.  Dave is
an expert.
personal self-rescue device,
an easy to use safe means
buildings when traditional
exits are inaccessible.
These devices are life
savers and are therfore
valuable to private people
and companies.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Illustrated Safety Posters
Confined Space
Fall Prevention
Fire & Hotwork
OST Workbook
BOD Workbook
Pipe Handling
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Basics of Drilling Illustrated
Brand New* not an upgrade!

We have reinvented the Roughnecking 101
workbook and it now has 800 quality
illustrations (2016).  Double the illustrations
from past versions.  This unique workbook
will educate your employees about many
more hazards and ways to avoid injury, in
context of their job.  Order your copy today!

$35.00 per copy.
Workbook Training Flyer.pdf
Fire Safety, Hotwork, welding and
grinding hazards all made plain via
illustration. Hazard Recognition
questions on almost every page make
this a "hands-on" learning
You have never seen Fire Safety &
Hotwork taught like this.  Over 300
illustrations make this a visual
learning tool like no other.  
Ladder Hazards and usage are
the second section, graduating
to Fall arrest, positioning
systems, hazards, rescue and
much more.  
  • Color balanced and well designed
  • Removable tests are Scantron and
    GradeCam compliant
  • Key points highlighted
  • Key points/hazards Illustrated
    (exceeds OSHA and operator
  • > 300 illustrations per workbook
  • BOD and OST each have 800
  • Inherently multilingual
  • Over 230 Safety Alerts embedded
    across the series
  • Field or classroom ready
  • Self-guided training
  • Employees keep their own copies
See a sample of the quality of this workbook
by clicking the link below.
All of these workbooks are part of
the Visual Learning Series
This is a very unique and vital workbook that will make
communicating these issues more pragmatic than ever.
Illustrations attract employees.

Visual Warnings in context
make hazards "real" for

If your posters are interesting
and educational employees
will read them.

Posters are "heavy-duty"
laminated so they can be
carried in the field for tailgate
safety meetings.
Brand New 'Hand Hazards' Poster -->
Workbook Series Specifications
These are the key elements of our Safety Visual Learning Workbooks
Formatted for visual
learning via
shown at key points.
comprehension in a
shorter time.
STOPs shown at
key points.
Engineered to teach
work steps and
hazards together.
Dropped objects
shown at key points.
Safety steps in the
work process
Safety Alerts
integrated to provide
Hazards illustrated
at key points.
Illustrations are
compelling for
visual learners.
Self-paced workbooks
can be incorporated at
a low cost.
Format teaches the
foundation for the
JSA process.